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Our dealers are absolute pros. Ruud specialists ensure our products will stand the test of time. You can truly Rely on Ruud™ heating and cooling solutions to bring you and your family comfort for years to come.

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Quality & Reliability

It is our policy to promote a culture of continual improvement that is committed to exceeding customer expectations and requirements, by providing products and services of excellent quality.

Our Total Quality Assurance means every component & piece of equipment is 100% traceable, tested and must perform or it cannot leave the factory. Each phase in the manufacturing process is effectively overseen to ensure the highest quality in HVAC manufacturing. All Ruud heating and cooling products are tested regularly to meet and exceed industry standards.

94% of contractors say they trust Ruud products. When designing new products, we actually work closely with our HVAC contractors to ensure our products will stand the test of time. We know that their field-tested expertise is crucial in our success.